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About My Buyers Den

My Buyers Den’s mission is to provide a unique shopping experience for buyers by creating a den to find used, brand new and unique items from anywhere around the world. We are a venue for those of you who are home decor, home stager, home improvement and buy and sell enthusiasts looking for something unique, perhaps trendy, to add to your homes or collection. But we haven’t forgotten about the everyday person or business owner who’s looking to sell their goods online, and who may not have the resources to create, post and manage ads for potential buyers. My Buyers Den removes the hassle.

We are not an online auction organization who manages estate sales, but rather, we are the gathering place for individuals looking to downsize or declutter their homes or businesses, as well as catering to online auction enthusiasts and buyers.

Who we are

My Buyers Den is a growing team of proud Canadians operating in Ontario. Our team consists of marketing professionals with 20 years of expertise in buy and sell and thrift store and online auction enthusiasts who want to share their love of finding great and unique goods with others. The online auction is a new venture for us, and we hope that you will love the selection of great goods from auction to auction.

My Buyers Den Core Company Values

Caring & Committed

We care about our customers because you are the reason we are in business. Your needs are at the heart of what we do and we are commited to providing you with great and unique goods.


We are devoted to provide great and unique items, carefully selected by My Buyers Den, so there is a continuous flow of great goods from auction to auction. We’re very excited to make those items available to you.

Trust & Privacy

We’re thankful and grateful for the people in our lives, and the consumers who put their trust in us. We respect your privacy, and it is our paramount priority to keep your personal information safe.


We are human first and business people second. Being human is what we have in common and is our shared experience that we care about.